Campaign details

Brand: Wendy's
Agency: Ketchum

Situation Analysis

It's no secret that the world of quick service restaurants is fast-moving and fiercely competitive. No surprise that fast food franchises must constantly look for new ways to connect with their young customer base. So, it's no wonder the national brands all want into the realm of gaming — where millions of prime customers mingle, play, and influence each other. But that's easier said than done. Big name brands across the board have either had to watch gaming from the sidelines or pay huge fees for in-game sponsorships. Also, not surprising? The young gaming audience is highly resistant to branded content. A clueless attempt to impress them will earn mocking, not loyalty.

Our job is to find fresh, earned, and organic ways for Wendy's to drive conversation with our target audience. Staying fresh is especially important given that the brand's rallying cry "fresh, never frozen beef" is a reminder that unlike the competition, Wendy's doesn't pull a rock-hard hamburger patty out of a freezer. If Wendy's was going to make a play in the virtual world, it needed to be a game-changer. And that's literally what we gave them.

Research and Insight