Cities are literally drowning, but the marine industry has remained sluggish in its pace of development and solving raging sustainability issues.

'An oceanic awakening' rattled the industry by turning our view from the sea to the city and its future. In the process, marine technology company Wartsila has claimed its position as the leader of smart marine solutions and initiated co-operation networks between companies, thinkers, and mayors of the world's most influential marine cities.

Wartsila stands out for going above and beyond short-horizon maritime technology.

The original brief was to create a way to communicate Wartsila's vision of a future smart marine ecosystem, thus becoming a thought leader and preferred partner in technology. The problem, as it often is with disruptive movements, was that nobody knew exactly how this ecosystem will make its breakthroughs or what exactly it will look like. So, what exactly would we communicate to drive the market?