A New Chapter In Telco History

In a bid to up its black shareholding, Vodacom announced a new BBBEE deal that would see BEE partners exchange their current shareholding in Vodacom South Africa (Vodacom SA) for a shareholding of between 5.8% and 6.25% in Vodacom Group.

The stakes were incredibly high. Should the message around the announcement not land correctly, there was a strong possibility that existing shareholders might cash in their shares instead of re-investing.

And so Vodacom enlisted WE's help to walk a grueling tightrope in ensuring the highly sensitive messaging around the new scheme landed correctly across a wide range of different shareholders, including existing BEE partners, prospective shareholders and employees.

Influencing Shareholder Behaviour

The success of the campaign demanded nothing less than WE's strategic ability to influence target-market behavior in line with very specific business objectives.