Technology now plays a critical role in employee experience. And employee experience is a key driver of a company's success.

  • Millennials now make up 50%
  • Engaged workers are 4x more likely to stay in their job.
  • Employees at digitally mature companies are six times less likely to leave
  • Enterprises in the top 25% of employee experience have 2x the innovation and customer satisfaction.

Assignment and Challenge

As a company whose most notable products involve concepts like server virtualization, microsegmentation and software-defined wide area networking, VMware is famous in deep, deep IT.

But they've struggled to make a name in technology designed not only for IT, but for all employees. This posed a real challenge when they launched VMware Workspace ONE, a digital platform designed to give people secure access to any app, from any device, anywhere. Our charge was to credibly position VMware as a leader in the nascent digital workspace category.