Campaign details

Brand: Visit Oslo/Innovation Norway
Agency: Trigger Oslo


In the summer of 2018 Oslo invited three people from the LGBTQ+ community in countries where it is more problematic to be who they are, to take part in the Oslo Pride Parade. By experiencing Oslo and Pride through their eyes we could highlight how proud we are of our city and show that this is a safe city you can visit without having to limit yourself.

Time Frame of Project

July 2018

Insight & Objective

Traveling as an LGBTQ+ is somewhat different than other travelers. There is still plenty of places around the world where being gay isn't safe, nor is it comfortable. In over 72 countries around the world, it's still criminalised – and in some even punishable by death. Oslo pride itself as an open and diverse city and wanted to show the queer community worldwide that it is a safe place to travel - but most of all a place everyone can be themselves no matter who they love.