Dove Invisible Dry leaves no white marks on up to 100 garment colours, a great claim for the product, but the challenge came in effectively communicating this to consumers in a meaningful and memorable way.

The campaign was rooted on the insight that Africa is a colourful continent where women express themselves through donning bright and bold fabrics.

Dove commissioned the design of a bespoke print that celebrates the rich and diverse cultures of our continent, revealing it as a showstopper dress at AFI JHB Fashion Week, garnering interest and love from across the continent.

The social media led campaign, driven by our partners, put the product to the test in every phase and challenged consumers to do the same, through a key consumer passion point – fashion. This product gives consumers the confidence to wear bold colour without the anxiety of having to hide white marks on their favourite clothes.

The Challenges

  • Bringing to life the product claim that Dove Invisible Dry is proven to leave no white marks on up to 100 garment colours in a memorable and authentic way.
  • Working with established partners that would lend credibility and authenticity to the campaign, bringing it to life for consumers.
  • Developing a voice in fashion for a beauty and personal care brand.
  • Working with a small budget and tight time frame.

PR Objectives

  • Drive awareness and demonstrate the efficacy credentials of Dove Deo, focusing on the ticket-to-the-game credentials like 48-hour protection against odour and wetness, but highlighting the specific functional credential that is protection against stains on over 100 colours – the product superiority.
  • Change the way women view their underarms, to see them as a part of the body that is worthy of care.

The Research