Campaign details

Brand: Young Cancer / Ung Cancer
Agency: Cohn & Wolfe

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer amongst young adults. Last year, during the month of April, internationally recognized as Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, the non-profit organization Ung Cancer (Young cancer) wanted to bring testicular cancer to the top of the agenda in the Swedish media. The goal was to get people talking about the issue and to encourage more ball-carrying adolescents to perform self-examinations.

We realized early on that the scrotum was a sensitive and private topic. Our strategy built on the realization that if we could make all of Sweden talk about their balls, we would then be able to get people to talk about testicular cancer. We decided to use pop star Felix Sandman from the group FO&O, an influencer whose followers are part of the target audience. In an Instagram post, he flashed his (fake) balls.

After the subsequent reactions in the form of thousands of Instagram comments and a whole lot of media speculation, Felix posted a "revealing video" in which he explained the reason behind the previous post, linked and forwarded people to a campaign website. The campaign continued through authentic member stories and guerrilla marketing efforts which, in turn, resulted in organic, national and local media impact. This resulted in an earned reach of over 15 million people in total, with a clear message: Check your balls! Even better; more than 80,000 people completed self-exams through the campaign website. A result that would potentially will save lives.

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