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Advertiser: Transparency International Sri Lanka
Brand: Transparency International Sri Lanka
Agency: Ogilvy Public Relations
Country: Sri Lanka

The media lexicon of 2017 shone intense scrutiny on credible sources, fact checking and alternate versions of the truth.

Against this backdrop, Sri Lanka delivered its first ever equivalent of a Freedom of Information Act. In a move towards improved governance, the Right to Information Act (RTI) had taken almost two decades to secure parliamentary sign-off. Sri Lanka was the last South Asian country to grant the public access to records held by public authorities.

Mother begs authorities to release report on 21-year-old son, Roshen Chanaka's death during a protest in May 2011

Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL), is a non-governmental movement focused on improving government transparency and accountability. As a key lobbyist for the Act, TISL's goal was to educate citizens to activate their new hard won rights to information. But how do you activate your rights when you've never known such a right, or how it can help you solve long outstanding questions or how to confront a government body that historically held all the power? This was our brief – to educate a nation on how to use its new right to information for good.