Campaign details

Brand: TCS


To overcome the limitations of the 'schoolmasterly' methods of many prevention campaigns, the Swiss Touring Club (TCS) has adopted an unusual approach and launched the MADE VISIBLE® lifestyle label: meeting with resounding success and broad acceptance among partners and all road users.

Reason Why

Dangerous situations caused by road users being overlooked are a daily occurrence on Swiss roads.

The Road Safety Fund is seeking to mitigate this danger with the Road Safety Campaign 2017–2019, addressing among other things the issue of visibility.

  • Aim: To significantly reduce the number of accidents on Swiss roads caused by a lack of visibility.

Big Challenge

  • In conditions of poor visibility, a person wearing dark clothing is only visible to motorists from a distance of 25 metres.
  • With reflective or luminous items, the person is seen from a distance of 140 metres – giving the other road users more time to react.
  • The majority of road users are aware of this problem.