Campaign details

Brand: Thor Trucks Inc.
Agency: The Bulleit Group

Thor, Meet Bulleit. Bulleit, Meet Thor

  • We're storytellers for the digital age. We take unknown companies in new markets, create a narrative and build movements to support them.
  • When Thor Trucks, an LA-based bootstrapped transportation lab, was ready to come out of stealth with a fully electric class eight semi-truck, the ET-One, we knew we had a product that mattered.

Situation Analysis

  • We had two constraints: a limited budget of $20k* with no additional marketing support and a need to control the story.
  • What we knew: it was October and it was rumored Tesla was launching their own semi-truck in November.
  • What we had: an excellent relationship with Ashlee Vance from Bloomberg.
  • Swinging for the fences: given Ashlee's personal connection to Elon Musk (he wrote his biography in 2015), an exclusive that compared the two semi-trucks was the way to go.
  • Ashlee was in.