Campaign details

Brand: Hungarian National Association of Pensioners
Agency: DeepInsight Creative Agency

Executive summary

A health awareness campaign has never reached so many people in Hungary as the would stay alive -dead poets society reloaded campaign. The campaign communicated prevention of the elderly bacterial pneumonia with vaccination on behalf of the National Association of Pensioners.

A campaign that is unique in its subject and used completely new cultural aspects has become viral in social media and the press, and has reached 8.5 million people with narrow media coverage. The campaign has also raised the co-operation between advertising and PR to a new level.

The turnover of vaccines against bacterial pneumonia increased on a year-on-year basis by 39% during the campaign period. In addition, the campaign's 'side effects' are scattered in schools, because as today hundreds of teachers use the cartoons as educational material and also a nationwide roadshow will start with the poet's roundtable discussion.

Campaign summary