Addressing Harsh Realities

It's the stuff of nightmares.

A loved one dies in Zimbabwe. For the family member in South Africa travelling to Zimbabwe is just not feasible on short notice. And while the relatives back home need to arrange for a dignified burial, the funds simply don't exist.

Sadly, this is less of a nightmare and more of an eventuality for many of the millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa. They live with the stress of knowing that one day when a loved one passes away, they will need to find a way of sending money across the border to pay for unexpected funeral costs.

In the midst of their terrible grief, they will face the added horror of extreme financial burden.

And worse, there simply aren't viable products available in South Africa that enable Zimbabweans to protect themselves against this risk. But, this is just one of a long list of harsh realities Zimbabwean diaspora face. Often excluded from the formal economy, life is a constant struggle. It's an indictment on a South African society which so greatly prizes its ideals of equality.