The Norwegian directorate for civil Protection (DSB) is responsible for a complete overview of various risks and vulnerability in Norway. In collaboration with the Armed Forces, the Fire Service, the police and health service, they provide our society's security, and plan for any crises that may occur.

In the autumn of 2018, they were to communicate the need for self-preparedness in the population. The main message: Each and every one should plan to be able to survive for three days if a crisis occurs.

But how could we communicate this, without creating unnecessary fear? After all, just telling people that they should prepare for a potential emergency, might cause public outrage. In Sweden for example, a campaign was recently carried out entitled "In case of war", which created fury among its inhabitants.

What DSB wanted was the exact opposite; Everyone should keep calm and carry on as usual - just be a bit more aware of what to do and how to be slightly better prepared.