Campaign details

Brand: The Royal Danish Theatre

Brief summary

  • The Royal Danish Theatre wanted to transform the public perception of ballet through a three-month campaign that resulted in a large-scale ballet festival in Copenhagen.
  • The goal was to show that ballet is not reserved for the upper classes - that ballet is, indeed, for everyone.
  • PR value: 900,000 US$
  • The marketing budget: 8,000 US$
  • Total campaign reach: 11 million people (Population of Denmark: 5.7 million people)
  • % of Danes that considered The Royal Theatre valuable to society as a whole went up from 48% before the festival to 55% after the festival
  • % of Danes that considered The Royal Theatre important in terms of preserving the cultural inheritance of Denmark went up from 61% to 69%
  • The Danish Minister of Culture concluded that "every cultural institution in Denmark should be inspired by this campaign."