Campaign details

Brand: The National Integrity Alliance
Agency: In house work by Chapter One and Transparency International


Over the last 30 years, many African countries have evolved new constitutions, laws and institutions to combat abuse of public office, leadership impunity and corruption. Kenya's (2010) constitution has one of the most aspirational chapters on leadership integrity. Yet, the reality has failed to shift to match this aspiration. Grand corruption scandals at national and county levels have hit the Kenyan news repeatedly over the last four years preoccupying all three arms of the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative. Like other African countries with new and powerful laws, our leaders in public office repeatedly violate this promise and let down their people. This is the experience of the red card campaign of Kenya over 2017.

The recently concluded August 2017 Elections offered an opportunity to challenge the re-election of leaders who had fallen short of the ethical standards contained in the constitution for our leadership. Launched in the lead up to the elections, the 90 day Red Card campaign was designed and managed by four Kenyan run civic organisations namely; the Society for International Development/Chapter One Kenya, Transparency International – Kenya, Mzalendo Trust and Ni Sisi Trust. The organisations worked under the auspices of the National Integrity Alliance.