The Telkom Group wanted to engage with their employees about the policies and procedures around identifying, preventing and reporting fraud within the group. They wanted to make sure that employees were informed on policies, but also felt comfortable and unafraid to report or identify fraud in the workplace.

The Challenges

Telkom found that their employees were scared to interact with the fraud awareness team, called "Telkom Group Forensics." Additionally, employees at the Telkom Group suffer from internal information overload, as they receive at least one internal message per day, oftentimes more.

It is difficult to reach high levels of engagement with traditional all staff, text-based emails, especially as the group has a staff of around 18,000 employees.

The Research

According to a 2018 report from PWC, 77% of South African organisations have experienced internal economic crime, including fraud. Companies can lose millions if fraud is not taken seriously. This, and the compounding corporate reputational risks of fraud have companies looking for ways to prevent fraudulent actions and to empower staff to prevent fraud before it occurs.