Most chefs worth their salt recognize the fire-branded crown that authenticates Prosciutto di Parma (PDP). The delectable Italian ham elevates the dining experience and commands a premium price.

The Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma engaged Padilla to promote PDP among U.S. foodservice professionals.

Our initial research revealed that PDP is also a splurge for restaurateurs. Yet many chefs don't know how to render full value from the prized pork. They perceive it as wasteful, and a budget hog - a recipe for leaner sales.

Education was the cure. We began by studying chefs' training opportunities and learning preferences, discovering that junior chefs - future prosciutto purchasers - were hungry for snackable digital instruction and hands-on training (and many spoke Spanish). Adding to our challenge: The fast-paced profession leaves little time or appetite for tedious training.

Padilla set the table for attitude change - awareness and engagement, education and persuasion - by creating an industry-first campaign: The Whole Leg. We honed our instructional tools until they were as sharp and on-point as a flywheel slicer, inspiring creative, economical uses for the ham - from skin to bone.