Campaign details

Brand: Taco Bell
Agency: Edelman, London (PR Agency) and Unit9 (Production)



Taco Bell is a successful US fast food brand, which had begun its expansion across the UK but had not yet set foot in London.


Edelman was tasked with driving the mass awareness and buzz for Taco Bell's first London restaurant openings, in a way that felt relevant to Taco Bell but also to the everyday Londoner.


In food obsessed London, most people wouldn't notice the arrival of another American food chain, however tacolicious. Creating hype around the opening in a city where restaurants open every day was going to be a challenge. Not to mention the fact the Londoners are proudly territorial - it was going to take a charming and cheeky way-in to break through those stiff upperlipped barriers!


  • Invent a launch moment to create intrigue and spark conversation, whilst epitomising Taco Bell's renowned sense of humour
  • Secure positive media attention around the new restaurants
  • Positively impact footfall for restaurants opening across the capital