Campaign details

Brand: RFSU
Agency: Miltton

Called the best ad of the year by Finland's number one daily newspaper. F*ck like a Finn gained a million views before the first cents of the promotional budget kicked in.

Sultan is Finland's only domestic condom brand. It has a long history, but low preference among young users. Its 50th anniversary happened to coincide with Finland's 100th.


  • Stretched from brand to product: Position Sultan as THE Finnish condom brand
  • Attract new users (despite very high brand loyalty within the product category)
  • Increase sales


Choosing the right national statistics and discarding those that don't ft our purpose is a very Finnish thing to do. So we did just that, and looked at factors such as gender equality, liberal sex-ed, attitudes towards nudity, use of condoms, rate of unwanted pregnancies, and healthcare. Te evidence was biased but convincing: Finland has the best procreational culture of the world.


  • Create a country brand campaign promoting Finnish sex, launch it in a fashion that looks like it was aimed at the international market, but reap the reputational and commercial benefits within Finland.
  • Connect the effort to Finland's centenary year and bring it to life in product kits.
  • Start by 100% earned media to maintain authenticity, and then connect the dots through paid visibility.

The video is released