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Agency: Ketchum
Country: Global


In 2016, a year in which many throughout the world felt that their voices, hopes and desires went unheard, it was vital for individuals to know they could have a say and still make a difference. At Ketchum, our culture encourages people to bring their personal passions to the work they do and to the causes we support. A pioneer among large agencies, we formalized our CSR commitment nearly a decade ago, after our employees told us very clearly that we could be doing more. A 2007 employee survey indicated only 17% of our employees believed the agency was committed to CSR and only 13% believed Ketchum provided opportunities to volunteer.

We quickly launched into action, and in early 2008 we established a robust CSR initiative to motivate our employees to live our brand's values while on the job. By 2015, seven years into our commitment, 73% of our employees agreed the agency is committed to CSR. Our award-winning CSR program that we call "KSR" (Ketchum Social Responsibility) is employee-generated and employee-led. Individual colleagues from all over the world introduce causes and organizations to the agency – both big and small – and through their contagious enthusiasm and leadership, they inspire greater KSR engagement throughout their office and across the network. We call them "Sparks."