Campaign details

Brand: Sony Alpha
Agency: Hope&Glory

In Brief

Sony Alpha Universe - our community-led website and supporting social media campaign designed to appeal to photography enthusiasts - has been an unparalleled commercial success.

Website visits have remained strong since launch, totalling 1.6 million page visits in first five months, (averaging between 300,000 per month).

We've created a site that has become bigger than Amateur Photographer magazine within less than half a year.

As a direct result of click-throughs from the website, Sony Alpha Universe delivered €500,000 in sales in November alone and five months since launching has contributed sales of €1.8 million to date through click-throughs from site content and social channels.


Competition in the high-end camera market has grown and Sony needed to maintain its lead.

Ours was an open brief to reach the "photography enthusiast" and professional audience through any means at our disposal in order to achieve greater awareness of the premium Alpha range, drive recognition of the quality of images captured on these cameras and lenses and thereby to establish Sony as the choice of professionals.