Situation Analysis

Class 8 trucks haul about 80 percent of goods purchased in the U.S. and use about 20 percent of the fuel consumed in all transportation. Yet these vehicles are often forgotten when exploring opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. In fact, there are more federal regulations that focus on truck safety rather than efficiency.

Shell Rotella, the category leader in heavy-duty lubricants, saw an opportunity to leverage its acclaim and position to push the industry forward by using currently available technologies to drive substantial change in efficiency. In addition, it sought to refocus the conversation away from miles per gallon (MPG) to a much more efficient and accurate measurement called freight ton efficiency (FTE), which considers the overall energy consumed to move goods. This reframed conversation would direct the discussion to include driver habits as well.

The Shell Rotella team challenged Coyne PR to:

  • Raise Rotella's awareness as a leader paving the way for the future of trucking through more efficient transportation
  • Shift the conversation from MPG to a more accurate and appropriate measurement of transport efficiency FTE
  • Establish technical partnerships with at least two like-minded industry participants to increase the effectiveness of the build and credibility of the project
  • Generate sales leads from other fleets interested in fuel-saving technologies and opportunities
  • Generate AVE (advertising equivalency) above and beyond overall truck build and activation cost
  • Break out of trucking media to extend awareness of the trucking efficiency storyline