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Brand: Shell Myanmar
Agency: TODAY Ogilvy & Mather


Myanmar is at a critical point in terms of road safety. Traffic-related deaths per capita tripled over the past decade. One-third of all injuries reported in hospitals are related to traffic accidents. The Asian Development Bank estimates the annual cost of road crashes to Myanmar's society and economy at $800 million. And with close to 11,000 fatalities estimated in 2013, an average of 30+ deaths per day, Myanmar ranked second last in the World Health Organization's Southeast Asia road safety report.

Responding to this challenge, Shell Myanmar, with the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) and Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), decided to roll-out a road safety initiative focusing on the Yangon-Mandalay highway.

Nicknamed the "Death Highway", the Yangon-Mandalay highway has claimed more than 600 lives and left over 4,000 people injured since it opened in March 2009 - a large portion being male drivers aged 35 and above. In 2016 alone, over 740 traffic accidents occurred on the highway, killing 167 and injuring 1,307.