Campaign details

Brand: Shell
Agency: Edelman, London (PR Agency) and Littte Dot Studios (Production)


The UK has the lowest representation of female engineers across Europe, making up only 11% of the industry.

To meet increasing demand for more and cleaner energy solutions, Shell knows we must make the engineering workforce far more diverse, as it believes this will play a critical factor in innovative and creative thinking. That's why it's vital to capture the imagination of future generations, and encourage them to become STEM visionaries, who can play their part in solving the world's energy challenges.

We were challenged to:

  • Create a campaign that raises awareness of Shell's ambition in the UK to create more and cleaner energy solutions, in a way that appeals to millennials. And in doing so, build Shell's reputation in the UK as an innovative energy company.
  • Tell the Shell Eco-marathon story in a new and exciting way, moving from the technical attributes of the competition towards rich human stories.

Creative Solution