Unemployment has been a troubling matter in Mexico and young adults are the segment of the population that is most affected, suffering unemployment rates twice as high as those among adults There are 2.5 million people between 18 and 29 years old who do not study or work, leaving them vulnerable to addictions or organized crime, in addition to limiting their opportunities for economic and personal development. Since his presidential campaign President Lopez Obrador had set this matter as a priority for his government and promised a program to generate jobs.

Youth Building the Future is a social inclusion program that offers excluded young adults an opportunity to develop their talent in a real workplace and learn needed skills to get a job. It is one of the priority programs of the new government in Mexico.

The President of Mexico along with the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STyPS) set out to help 2.6 million young people through the program by giving them a "scholarship" of $ 3,600 pesos per month (for 12 months) from the government for receiving working training from private companies throughout the country. One of the main challenges since the program was announced was how to get all the private companies across the country to join the program and onboard on giving your people a real opportunity without prior work experience.