Campaign details

Brand: Secret Deodorant (Procter & Gamble)
Agency: DeVries Global

Situation Analysis (Including Campaign Objectives):

For more than 65 years, Secret Deodorant has been innovating to create the best possible odor and sweat protection for strong, modern women. From the beginning, it has brought the functional product benefits to life through advertising and communications that depicted women as confident and progressive.

As time progressed, so too did Secret's commitment to literally supporting strong women in their endeavors to be "All Strength, No Sweat." The brand resolved to be more than strong protection - it also committed to serving as an ally to women on the frontlines advancing the fight for gender equality. Secret made a dedicated shift to marry product plus purpose.

In 2016, Secret introduced an ad called "Raise" featuring a young professional woman pumping herself up to ask her boss for a raise she rightfully deserved. In 2018, Secret furthered its stance on advocating for equal pay with a star-studded campaign titled "I'd Rather Get Paid." The ad centered on the reality that while progress has been made as a whole, women are still not paid equally to men. The spot featured high-profile advocates of pay equality, including actresses Samira Wiley and Sophia Bush and former athletes Abby Wambach and Swin Cash, among others.