Campaign details

Advertiser: Kimberly Clark
Brand: Scott Brand
Agency: Ketchum
Country: United States

Situation analysis

You're cruising in the passenger's seat of a sports car through L.A. with your friend and YouTube prankster, Roman Atwood, when he mentions he needs to make a stop. Roman pulls up to a warehouse garage and pauses for it to open. At this moment, the car begins to jerk and you see a look of confusion and panic on Roman's face as the car accelerates into the massive garage door. After the initial horror, you realize that you're ok. And then Roman gives you a grin.. .you've been pranked. The car actually crashed through a wall made of 66,000 toilet paper tubes, the amount that Americans use in just over TWO MINUTES.

Ketchum was challenged to create news for a product that had been in market for six years, and this was one of many attention-grabbing ways that Scott® Tube-Free actualized the sheer waste that toilet paper with a cardboard tube creates. A series of stunt-style videos and partnership with YouTuber Roman Atwood helped dramatize this point of difference in a way that would catch the target's attention and make her believe that even small efforts can make a meaningful impact. In addition, the team leveraged an existing digital tube calculator on the brand's website to show our target her family's lifetime tube usage and impact.