A Brief Description

One in three women are affected by domestic violence in South Africa, and the country's femicide rate is five times higher than the global average. Yet, there is a stigma associated with domestic abuse and women often feel ashamed to seek help.

This was why the Sage Foundation decided to become an impact investment partner in rAInbow, an artificial intelligence-powered smart companion that aims to democratise access to information and support for victims of intimate partner violence, as well as their friends and family.

rAInbow was developed following extensive research (including focus groups) and engagement between the Soul City Institute for Social Justice, an NPO that fights for the rights of women, and Kriti Sharma, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Sage and Founder of AI for Good.

The smart companion uses artificial intelligence and storytelling to provide useful information and guidance, and encourage victims to seek support from their friends and family, using familiar technology, like Facebook Messenger.

Sage launched an integrated PR and social media campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence in South Africa, and to promote rAInbow, the first service of its kind in the world.