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Agency: First Partners
Brand: RollsRoyce

Situational Analysis

India recasting its defence and aerospace ambitions from imports to local manufacturing; Rolls-Royce an aerospace engineering giant with a rich legacy in India as a supporting partner.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri), India has remained the world's largest importer of defence equipment in the period 2013-17. The country spent more than $100 billion in imports in the last 10 years. No country, especially one the size of India and facing the geopolitical environment that it does, can call itself a major power with such level of import dependence in defence.

To correct this imbalance, the Government has launched defence production policy (DPP-2018) which aims to lay a roadmap to build a robust defence production industry and make India one of the top five manufacturers of military equipment and platforms in the next 10 years. To leapfrog the technology, India needs support and partnerships from global majors for this ambition to be realized.