You need to know our communications strategy's challenge.

We find ourselves at the beginning of 2018, with an electoral race that has been completely different to what we've lived in the past three periods, a larger range of options or political aspects racing for the presidential chair, speeches that change as social networks' tendencies do from one day to another; and that's many times a day.

On top of this, we can't forget that we lived two big media hits like the "Cementazo" and "the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights' verdict on equal marriage" in our country; political game or not, these turned out to be the topics that divided our country and mostly, our voters, who showed a Costa Rican side that we'd ignored until that moment. Definitely those who didn't ignore this were the candidates, as we've already seen that they used these topics for good or bad, to the point in which what they generated most was confusion.