Since 2015, Reinserta Un Mexicano A.C Foundation has worked on the amendment and implementation of the National Criminal Enforcement Law to guarantee the rights of children living in prison and call attention upon their living situation.

In Mexico, 5% of the prison population are women. Many of these women have children inside prison and there is no program that supports or takes care of them and they are not part of the government penitentiary budget. Before Reinserta started to raise awareness about their existence and the conditions under which they live, there were more than 800 children inside Mexican prisons. There was no law to regulate this issue and some of them would spend up to 14 years inside a prison without authorities noticing. This campaign, inspired by the Innocence Project in the US, aimed to raise awareness about the living conditions of children in prison, change people's perception and promote compliance with the Law of Criminal Enforcement regarding the rights and conditions of these children.