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Advertiser: Red Dot Network
Agency: TODAY Ogilvy Public Relations

Situation analysis

Once the envy of Asia, after decades of misguided junta-led strategies, Myanmar emerged a shadow of its former self when sanctions were lifted in 2012. Following the introduction of major government reforms billions of dollars in foreign investment started pouring into Myanmar, igniting what some people predicted to be the world's fastest-ever deployment of mobile services. SIM cards, once reserved for the elite and sold on the black market for upwards of US$5,000 were soon to be available to the masses at an affordable US$1.50 each. This impeding change in accessibility, connectivity and freedom was about forever transform the lives of Myanmar citizens.

Enter Red Dot. With a watchful eye on the forthcoming Myanmar mobile evolution, Red Dot, a service and technology provider offering a wide range of services for retail environments including mobile top-up and bill payment services, decided to stake claim and carve out its niche in the country's telco boom.