Campaign details

Brand: Raoul Wallenberg Academy
Agency: Gullers Grupp


The Raoul Wallenberg Academy (RWA) is a non-profit organization that works in the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg to inspire today's youth to become compassion leaders of tomorrow.

RWA wanted to highlight the importance of compassionate leadership both offline and online. Today, how our world leaders act and write on social media has a significant impact on our society. Tweets can trigger drops on the stock market and cause wars. We needed to remind them of the power that is at their fingertips and the importance of thinking about compassion when they broadcast their views to the world.

The brief was to increase awareness of the Academy's work and to highlight the importance of compassionate leadership online. Objectives:

  • Get 1,000 people to use the hashtag #warmupourglobe within one month.
  • Get exposure in ten medias.
  • Secure future funding (the competition among Swedish NGO's in increasing).