Campaign details

Brand: Rakuten Kobo
Agency: Ogilvy


Kobo is the world's second largest e-book company and the leading brand in Canada and Japan. They entered the Taiwan market in 2016 with an abundance of international resources; nonetheless, they were facing strong competitors including global and local companies. Kobo's usage rate was only 2%.1 They needed to find a breakthrough in user growth and establish a leading position.


The Taiwanese e-book market has been developing for almost a decade. However, the market share of e-books compared with sales of paper books is less than 6%.2 People don't fully understand the benefits of e-books. A survey finds only 26% of people who have never used e-books in the past are willing to give it a try.

Kobo believes that books will eventually be digitized, and hopes to lead this paradigm shift, encouraging people to read more e-books.