Campaign details

Brand: Procter & Gamble
Agency: MSLGroup (Vietnam)

Executive Summary

MSL's 'Pampers Positive' campaign enabled Pampers Vietnam to grow share after three years of decline by bringing out the best side of social networks - to get the public stand behind a new idea.

Pampers' global communication template did not empathize with the local realities of motherhood. Vietnamese moms had turned their back to Pampers because there was no shared belief, no common language. Pampers in Vietnam had become a forgotten brand.

Our campaign challenge was to raise 10% in Consideration for Pampers. We realized that while our brand faced negative consideration, our Vietnamese moms were also facing negative pressures - from traditional expectations and parenting myths. 'Pampers Positive' turned to social channels to bring a positive resolution for both the brand and Vietnam's new generation of modern moms.

Market Background & Objectives