Juggling a busy career and the demands of family life, combined with added pressure from picture-perfect scenes on social media, leaves many parents overwhelmed with guilt. Primrose Schools, a national early education and care provider,set out to send working moms a message of well-deserved reassurance and appreciation in a meaningful way that would also differentiate the brand in a competitive early education market. Primrose challenged Jackson Spalding to create a campaign that would resonate with Millennial parents, generating engagement and enrollment interest.


  • Primrose prospects highly value character development and 92 percent of parents agree that in today's social media-focused world, nurturing positive character traits is more important than it used to be.1
  • Millennial working parents are overwhelmed by their work/life responsibilities and the proliferation of online advice makes them feel guilty. In fact, 73 percent of these parents try to give the impression that their lives are under control when they actually feel the opposite.2
  • Millennials are cynical of brands that imply superiority through abstract educational philosophies, so a winning campaign must be relatable and authentic.3
  • Women aged 18-34 are twice as likely to think highly of a brand that shared an empowering message that aligned with their personal values.4