Campaign details

Brand: Prevail
Agency: Hill+Knowlton Strategies


Our challenge was a steep one - to introduce an expensive premium brand to an audience who had low understanding of the category, and who didn't want to discuss the subject because of social taboos. We had to achieve this with a low budget that would not allow us to make a traditional media buy.

To make sure we had strong and robust insights, we commissioned a series of 200 face-to-face interviews to learn exactly what our audience thought. From these interviews we established the core insight that Prevail's products not only helped elderly people manage incontinence, they also gave them the gift of dignity.

Inspired by these insights, we produced a creative treatment featuring characters that mimicked our audience's own lives. The film not only explained the benefits of the product, but also spoke to our audience emotionally. The content's effectiveness is demonstrated by the fact that over 9 million people watched it in the first week, without any paid support.