In Brief

A simple but immensely effective campaign, The PIPAs generated 180,000 entries making it the most entered photographic competition in the world.

The PIPAs generated over 140 pieces of coverage. There were over 30 pieces of national coverage.

Social reach for the campaign was 2.2 million with 3.7 billion impacts - social exposure was up 370% for the brand. There were over 250,000 engagements with content across the channel.

Post-campaign research shows that unprompted awareness of Photobox rose 27% when the public were asked to name destinations for photo-printing.

Last, but far from least, the campaign generated sales worth £1 million.


Photobox has an issue.

People don't think to print their photos anymore. So we needed to build an association for Photobox with digital photography - creating a brand campaign that would link the two.

At the same time, we needed to build fame for the Photobox brand - creating an impactful media and socially-driven campaign that would make Photobox the first name that came to mind when people did think about prints.