The world doesn't need another Nelson Mandela, it needs a generation of Mandelas.

How an iconic hairstyle is inspiring a generation to bring Mandela's values to a divided world.

You can't ignore it. You can't avoid it. Every news cycle confirms that the world's heading in a disturbing new direction. One where authoritarianism, xenophobia, bigotry and corruption threatens to be the new normal. While our leaders are busy spewing their hateful vitriol all over social media, it's become increasingly important to tell the story of a different kind of leader.

This is Ogilvy Johannesburg, in partnership with Philips and The

Nelson Mandela Foundation conceived of a way to turn Nelson Mandela's legacy into a tangible action that anyone can make their own.

The Challenge

Philips core stance is that there is always a way to make life better. We also know that Nelson Mandela believed in a better life for all. With 2018 being the centenary of this icon, Ogilvy needed to understand how we could inspire the world to make a better life for all?