Campaign details

Brand: Pfizer
Agency: Ogilvy and Social.Lab

Description of the assignment

Pfizer Belgium wanted to encourage relapsed smokers to finally quit once and for all by becoming a true partner for them in the quitting process. Capitalising on Pfizer's existing smoking cessation support program and ultimately driving them to healthcare professionals who are able to prescribe Pfizer's product Champix.

The challenge

How to get smokers that relapsed multiple times, and thus became resistant to traditional anti-smoking campaigns, to find the motivation again to quit smoking? In Belgium, 20% of the population smokes (Source: Behaviour from smokers in Belgium – 2017 Report from Fondation contre le cancer) and the smoking cessation process is complex. On average, a smoker makes 5 to 7 attempts before they ultimately quit. Secondly, in Belgium it is forbidden by law to talk about any prescription medicine, so we need another way into smokers lives without mentioning Pfizer's product Champix directly.

Research and insight that contributed to the creative strategy