Absolut launched a limited edition bottle on a global level called “A Drop of Love”. The bottle was inspired by love and equality which was born as a response to the hate that had invaded society for various reasons. For its launch in Peru, the campaign #MoreLoveLessHate was created which initially consisted of the placement of publicity panels with images referenced to the rights of the LGBTQ community, equality between all people, and social peace. However, we decided to convert the publicity campaign to a social initiative that allowed us to get closer to collectives, organizations, institutions and public figures that are visibly against expressions of hate, converting them in the spokespeople of our messages to the public. We also included opinion leaders, celebrities, athletes, among others, who also supported the initiative for free. The campaign contributed to consolidate Absolut as a brand tied to society that participated actively in achieving a social change in Peru and the stock of their limited edition product which was forecasted to sell in 2 months, sold out in 30 days, but the most important thing is that it put topics back on Peru’s agenda that had stopped being visible.

Brief description of the work