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Agency: M BOOTH

The Situation

Was there ever a period in history when Americans craved honesty more than they do in 2017? Coming off a contentious and controversial election, we ushered in a new administration with a tendency to attract scandal. Meanwhile, a host of industries have contributed to a growing public distrust in everything from our banking institutions to the food we feed our kids.

Honest Tea values transparency and the brand has always found clever ways to fold this message into its marketing.

Many consumers were already familiar with the brand's #RefreshinglyHonest Project, an ongoing social experiment in which visitors are asked to leave $1 'on the honor system' for an ice-cold Honest Tea at unmanned pop-ups in major cities across the US Data from the project fuels the National Honesty Index, which allows the brand to track honesty geographically and over time. (In case you're wondering, Honolulu is the most honest city, according to the Index.)