Campaign details

Advertiser: Panasonic Corporation
Agency: Golin


  1. Solar solutions have nascent B2B and B2G target market with niche business opportunities
  2. Panasonic, known as a consumer electronics brand, lacks equity amongst its target audience and also as a brand in the B2B and B2G space


The total solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 was only to be visible from a 125km stretch in South East Asia.


Panasonic wants to deliver sustainable energy solutions through its Solar Container to the off-grid locations around the world, particularly the islands across South East Asia where there is no grid electricity.


  • Panasonic needs wider recall and proof of its solar solutions to initiate consideration and demand.
  • Panasonic identified business opportunities in South East Asia where governments need this solution for off-grid locations, and banks may use it for ATMs as well.