Campaign details

Advertiser: OTP Group
Brand: OTP Bank
Agency: Café PR Kft
Country: Hungary

Challenges and research

  • OTP Voluntary Pension Fund is the biggest and oldest actor in it's market with 219 000 clients. However, this number has stagnated for various reasons:
    • From the results of OTP Bank's annual research, we've found; that Hungarians realized that the current national pension system is not sustainable, and therefore old-age poverty will be a problem. However they have found wrong solution: 64% claim that they plan to work even after retiring.
    • Therefore only 33% of Hungarians have or plan to set money aside for their old days.
    • Many competitors are pursuing this narrow target group, and their messages are similar; all offer a far away, happy pensioner lifestyle if their customers choose them.
    • Based on the stagnating rate of Hungarians, willing to set money aside, this message has not been very effective.

Goals and KPI-s

  • To create a unique platform that stands out from the rest of the competitors.
  • To generate vibes on social and classic media and involve our audience into conversation about the worrying state of the Hungarian pension system
  • Increase OTP Voluntary Pension Fund's visibility, by creating a unique messaging.
  • Stop the decrease in the membership of OTP Voluntary Pension Fund.

The insight