Campaign details

Brand: Oscar Mayer
Agency: Olson Engage

The Situation

Along with mac & cheese, pizza and chicken nuggets, hot dogs are one of Americans' favorite 'kid' foods, but sales have been falling for years due to growing concerns about ingredients. Facing those trends as a category leader, Oscar Mayer took the unprecedented-in-the-category step of creating a better hot dog...removing all added nitrates, nitrites, byproducts and artificial preservatives from the meat in every single one of its hot dogs. Not one or two varieties; every single frank. Heading into summer grilling season, the brand needed consumers to understand the great lengths it had gone to in order to put a better hot dog in every hand.

The plan would obviously kickoff with a media-relations and an advertising blitz centered on the new (and newsworthy) recipe news. The challenge was sustaining that narrative throughout the summer.

The Idea