Background & Challenge

OBOS – the largest cooperative building association in the Nordics – is owned by its more than 435 000 members, most of them in the Oslo-area. Their vision is to build societies for the future and fulfil the dreams many have of being a home owner. It is manifested within OBOS' CSR strategy, that in order to be a society of the future, a strong cultural life – and access to cultural experiences is essential.

OBOS is a hallmark name in Oslo and whole neighborhoods have been shaped by the company – representing a quarter of Oslo's housing stock. Through its CSR strategy, many cultural institutions are enjoying support from OBOS, meaning that the company is visible also outside peoples' homes. Voluntary organizations can apply to their fund "OBOS Gives Back" which this years supports small and large efforts within sports, culture and environmentally friendly initiatives, to a value of 1,3 million EUR.

One of OBOS' latest initiatives was to sponsor the sold out music festival "Oslo Sommertid" (pictured right) with Eminem as the headliner.