Novartis India launched its blockbuster drug, 'Vymada' for Heart Failure in India, at the beginning of 2017. We initiated the campaign in December 2016 and our task was to continue raising awareness about Heart Failure, little understood by both patients and the medical community.

The Underlying Problem

  • There was low awareness among the masses about Heart Failure, its incidence, symptoms and treatment options. This was both amongst the patients and medical community.
  • Heart Failure was routinely confused with Heart Attack, despite the two conditions being completely different.
  • Doctors were skeptical of using the term "Failure" even with diagnosed patients and caregivers, due to the negative connotation of the term.


  • Consistent media exposure on Heart Failure and associated comorbidities
  • Drive KME engagement through scientific facts about the disease as well as an awareness among healthcare practitioners
  • Build mass awareness through online content and social media promotions

Campaign Idea