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Advertiser: Nissan
Brand: Nissan
Country: Latin America


With a full redesign, the 9th generation of the legendary Nissan pick-up was ready to light up the automotive showrooms across Latin-America.

Even though Nissan is known for delivering high quality reliable light commercial vehicles, the new model had the challenge to face its long-standing competitor that had been dominating the segment for the last years. The gap between Nissan's pick-up and its main competitor was not an easy target.

The Communications team was defied to contribute with a strong, meaningful launch strategy that hit every strategic proof point of the vehicle, its new features and competitive advantages.

The new model is a key driver of Nissan's performance in the region and represents one of the top-selling vehicles for the brand, as well as one of the top volume makers globally in the segment. The challenge was then, consolidating the region as a key destination for the vehicle and becoming the best-selling product for Nissan in Latin-America. Consolidating this vehicle would help Nissan get closer to its regional objective: becoming one of the top 3 Asian brands in the region.