Campaign details

Brand: GSK Consumer Healthcare, Nicorette
Agency: Weber Shandwick

In a world where vapes/ecigs have blurred the lines between quitting and switching, and essentially made smoking cool again, how does a brand with a 23-year heritage of helping smokers to quit ignite consideration and conversion to completely break-free from the habit.

Despite the warnings and negative health effects, it is estimated that 34.4 million Americans still smoke cigarettes.* Cigarettes are addictive by design, making it difficult to quit smoking for good and resist the intense cravings.

With popularity of e-cigs/vapes increasing, sleek marketing and pleasurable smoking experiences have helped fuel the growing misconception that these cigarette alternatives are smoking cessation products — making it all the more difficult to attract and captivate smokers to consider and ultimately make Nicorette a part of their quit journey.