Campaign details

Brand: NGO Vidchui
Agency: Gres Todorchuk PR


Every 10th person in the world is losing their hearing. There are roughly 3 million Ukrainians with hearing impairments of different degree. 60% of cases of hearing loss can be prevented by prompt diagnosis. But in Ukraine, unlike in Europe, the issue is not much discussed. Because of stigmatization in society, people are ashamed to admit that their hearing is getting worse. Often they don't even realize they have this problem.

"Vidchui" is the only public organization in the country that systematically addresses the concerns of people with hearing impairments and assists them in social adapting. They wanted to create an innovative project that would encourage the Ukrainians to check their hearing.


Neither facts nor statistics allow to fully understand how people with hearing impairments live and what they feel. The only chance to draw the attention of the Ukrainian audience to the issue is to make them feel what it's like – to lose their hearing ability.